“Corporeal Remixed” LP (JKF 0102)

Corporeal REMIXED art SMALL

    1. Boom Clack (Martin Brew Remix)
    2. Funk Boutique (Marcus Intalex/Trevino Remix)
    3. Rock The Beat featuring Ashley Slater (Sinuz, Oliver Lowe & Friends Remix)
    4. Flow (Rolaz Remix)
    5. Tonto Rides The Gain (Evirgen’s #occupytaksim Remix)
    6. Electronic Sound Pictures (Exhibitor Remix)
    7. Pronounce Your Shit featuring Q&C (Head Chamber Remix)
    8. Live My Life (JFB Remix)
    9. Blue Light (Marc Mac Dubhop Remix)
    10. Air Force One featuring Andre Espeut (Lopez/Undercover 83 Remix)
    11. You Are The Fire featuring Amie J (Waiwan Remix)
    12. Bossa No Var (N3GUS Remix)
    13. Some Strange Folk (Philip TBC Remix)
    14. Shine So (Cartier Saucier Remix)
    15. The Parade (Cartier Saucier Remix)
    16. Funk Boutique (Young Einstein Remix) **FREE TRACK**


Original artwork conceived by Saeed Abu Jaber and remixed by “fjopus7_grfk”