“MMXX” (JKF2020)


    1. Once Upon A Time
    2. The Base
    3. Return To Vysocina
    4. Back From The Beyond
    5. Kun
    6. No Help
    7. Toy Soldiers
    8. The Melt
    9. Remember Him
    10. Strung Along
    11. Something Savvy
    12. Four Borders

The seventh LP from Manchester, UK born Jon Kennedy arrives on January 20th. MMXX is a tribute to its year of release.The LP has been created solely by Jon this time around. All guitars, bass, keyboards, drums and vocals have been laid down by the man himself with only 3 vocalists having contributed, in part, to this LP. Genres sway between the classic JK trip-hop sound to rolling drum and bass and back again over the 55 minutes that this 12 track LP spans.MMXX encompasses live recordings and atmospherics from many cities Jon has visited around the world during his travels over the past few years. Sitting along side these field-recordings are tight arpeggio synths, in-studio, handmade hits and synthetic atmospherics created by JK, giving the whole sound of MMXX a living, clean and full-bodied, yet updated, JK sound.Release date : JANUARY 20th 2020